Alfa-Tek has been established in Ostim in 1981 under the leadership of Dr. Şefik Türk and continuing her actions in the new factory in Kazan / Ankara since 1996 with 4,500 square meters indoor and 10,500 square meters total area. The company has been incorporated as of May 1st, 2017 and Dr. Şefik TÜRK has been the chairman of the board since then.

The company is one of the industry's leading companies with her technical and professional staff.

With a modern engineering department, well-informed and skilled technical personal with extensive hands-on experience, and well-trained erection staff, the company has proven a track of success since the first day.

Alfa-Tek A.Ş. is specialized in stainless steel engineering, manufacturing and erection of complete dairy plants, juice plants and similar industries. The company's primary goal is manufacturing the best quality products meeting every specific requirement of the sector. The production area of Alfa-Tek A.Ş. has been equipped with latest technology devices such as Robots and Orbital welding machines; thus minimizing human errors and maximizing the quality.

Fields of Activity
  • Project, engineering, design, R&D (Research and Development) services
  • Turnkey machine and equipment production, erection
  • Start-Up and training service for turnkey projects
  • Testing, staff education and staff support service for turnkey projects
  • Steam, ice water, water and compressed air lines erection and their heat isolations
  • Electric line cables erection
  • Automation service for whole factory or just for a specific unit
  • Stainless steel fittings equipments production and selling
  • After sell service and spare part services
  • Pasteurization systems for honey and jam and complete system installation
  • Centrifugal pumps for food and chemical industries
  • Erection and service of fruit juice production lines and filling machines
  • Valve cluster production for cosmetic industry
  • Collector production

Our Quality Policy

  • Pioneering and leading the industry,
  • Providing first class guarantee for all products,
  • Analyzing the customer requirements and designing and/or modifying the production system accordingly,
  • Valuing the customer satisfaction as the top priority of the company,
  • Adopting the continuous improvement methodology,
  • Increasing the level of quality continuously by not only educating and supporting her personnel, but also providing them a higher level of employee satisfaction,
  • Being sensitive to society and environment,
  • Dominating the market by creation of new products as well as providing confidence to customers.
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