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Aksaray University Dairy Products Pilot Plant / Aksaray Milk Reception Unit
Pasteurization Unit
White Cheese Unit
Yoghurt And Ayran Production Units
Auxiliary Units
Installation Of Turnkey Production Machines And Plant Lines
Ali Onbasi Milk and Dairy Products Ltd. / Kütahya 5.000 Lt/H Pasteurizer
15.000 Lt/H Pasteurizer
5.000 Lt Brine Tank
30.000 Lt Raw Milk Storage Tank
250 Lt Salt Melting Tank
CIP Unit
Milk Cooling Exchanger
Centrifugal Pump
Line Filter
Seperator Installation
Alkan Milk and Dairy Products Ltd. / Kirklareli Centrifugal Pump
Ankara Dairy Cattle Farming Association / Ankara Centrifugal Pump
Asya Fruit Juice Inc. / Isparta 60.000 Lt/H Pasteurizer
Aroma Fruit Juice Inc. / Bursa (Tetra Pak) Installation of Concentrate, Syrup and Fruit Juice Tanks
Installation of Pasteurization, Sterilization and Homogenization Units
Installation of Tetra Brik Packaging Machines Installation of CIP Unit
Atp Construction Co. / İzmir CIP Unit
4.000 Lt Brine Tank
1.000 Lt Milk Reception Vat
Centrifugal Pump
Filter Group
Aynes Milk / Denizli 10.000 Lt Cream Tanks
3.000 Lt Cream Tanks
1.000 Lt Culture Preparation Tanks
Kashkaval Moulds 5000 Sets
2.000 Lt Milk Cooling Tanks
Cheese Vats
Automated White Cheese Unit Curd Trolley
Bahçıvan Gıda / Lüleburgaz Installation of Mouldwasher
Cream Storage Tank
Cream Aging Tank
Installation of Kashkaval Cheese Production and Packaging Units
Butter Melting Tank
Butter Production - Process Unit
CIP Unit
Crystallization Tanks
60.000 Lt Raw Milk and Whey Tank
Installation of Complete Milk Powder and Whey Powder Facility
Brine Vat (Special Edition)
Tubular Heat Exchanger
Line Filter
3.000 Lt Cream Cheese Tank
6.000 Lt Storage Tank
2.000 Lt Storage Tank
Concentrate Milk Dosing System
Binaş / Bingöl Installation of Cheese Production Machines of The Milk and Dairy Products Factory
Calmio Milk / Niğde 15.000 Lt/H Milk Pasteurization System
5.000 Lt/H Yoghurt Milk Pasteurization System
3.000 Lt/H Brine Pasteurization System
1.000 Lt/H Cream (Butter) Pasteurization System
Closed Type Holder 5 Mins.
15.000 Lt/H PLC Controlled Milk Reception Unit
15.000 Lt Plated Raw Milk Cooler
5.000 Lt/H Plate Heat Exchanger
5.000 Lt/H Plate Heat Exchanger For Homogenized Yoghurt Milk
5.000 Lt/H Plate Heat Exchanger For Ayran Cooling
2.000 Lt/H Plate Heat Exchanger For Cream Cooling
2.000 Lt/H Plate Heat Exchanger For Butter Cooling
25.000 Lt/H Tubular CIP Heat Exchanger 2 Adet
White Cheese Weights 220 Sets
White Cheese Weight Bench
White Cheese Weight Trolley
White Cheese Packaging Tables
Centrifugal Pump 24 Sets
Cola Turka-Della Gıda Inc./ İstanbul Cola Turka-Della Gida Inc./ İstanbul
15.000 Lt Mix Tanks (11 Units)
10.000 Lt Mix Tanks (1 Unit)
6.000 Lt Mix Tanks (6 Units)
3.000 Lt Mix Tanks (2 Units
2.000 Lt Mix Tanks (3 Units)
Bottle Filling Line and Iced Water Lines
Installation of Bottle Piping and Panels
Installation of CIP Unit
Installation of CIP Unit Vapor and Condensate Lines Installation of Pressure Air Lines
Installation of Homogenizer
Installation of Syrup Lines
Installation Co2 Lines
Cem-Fa Milk and Dairy Products Ltd. / Korkuteli Centrifugal Pump
Çağlayan Milk / Düzce Installation of Pasteurized Milk Equipments
Çamavlu Dairy Products Ltd. / İzmir CIP Unit
1.000 Lt Milk Reception Vat
3.000 Lt Brine Preparation Tank
Centrifugal Pump
Gürbağ Construction Co. / Ankara
Special Stainless Steel Carrying Collectors - Drinking Water Line, Iraq